Getting Started on The Conclave

- What is The Conclave? -

The Conclave is the largest and most active Inquisitor community on the internet and has existed in one form or another since the game was released. In the past, when Inquisitor was more popular, there were a number of thriving Inquisitor communities on the internet but over the last few years they have declined and The Conclave is the only one remaining. There are other places where the game is occasionally still discussed but they are pretty quiet and it is for this reason that nowadays most players, veteran and novice alike, tend to gravitate to The Conclave.

The Conclave has a real community spirit which can sometimes be intimidating to novices. Many of the Conclave's veteran players have been playing since Inquisitor was released and are passionate and dedicated to the game. For a newcomer the prospect of joining this community can seem intimidating, but everyone is welcome - this guide is designed to help you in your first forays into The Conclave's hallowed halls.

- Where should I start when I visit The Conclave? -

If you are an existing player of the game, joining in with the discussions is relatively easy.

Introduce yourself
The Community Announcements sub-forum is the perfect place to introduce yourself and tell everyone a little about your interest in Inquisitor. If you're lucky, you might even get the traditional big yellow welcome!

Ask rules questions
Whether you're just reading the rulebook for the first time and need something clarifying, or have been playing for a while and have come across a situation you don't know how to resolve - the Rules sub-forum is the place to ask your questions. Many members of the 'Clave have been playing since the game was released and will be able to answer your queries (or if the answer is not cut-and-dried, you'll be bombarded with opinions as to the best solution to your problem!).

Post a character
Creating your first character can be a difficult business; there are a lot of rules to take into account and if you're coming from a something like 40k, the lack of a proper points system can be confusing. Veteran players will be more than happy to give you feedback and help you refine your characters, however before posting a character you might like to read this guide which will help you .

Post pictures of your models
Posting pictures of your characters is a great way to introduce yourself. Many veteran members are keen modellers are love to see other people's work. Whether it's your first ever model or the latest in a collection, you'll find a series of resources

- What else can the Conclave do for me? -

Organising a game
If you're looking for players in your area, or fancy coming along to an event organised by members of the Conclave, then the Community Announcements sub-forum is the place to look - there we keep a list of players and their location, as well posting details of events you might want to come along to.

Modelling Advice
The Conclave's members are always happy to help when it comes to painting and modelling issues. Whether you're looking for advice about available models, sculpting or painting, you're bound to find answers in the Painting & Modelling sub-forum.

Discussing the 40k Background
The Dark Millennium sub-forum is the place to discuss any aspects of the 40k background. You are free to discuss background presented in the GW canon, or to make up your own, however the background for a specific character is generally more suited to the Inquisitor Rules sub-forum.

Other Games
The Conclave also has areas dedicated to other games related to Inquisitor such as Dark Heresy published by Fantasy Flight Games, and Witch-Hunter - a conversion of Inquisitor set in the Warhammer old world written by the Conclave's very own N01-H3r3.

Online Roleplaying and Story-telling
The Roleplay sub-forums are the home to collaborative story-telling and original fiction set in the 40k universe. If you're interested in joining in with an on-line roleplay, then take a look through the Out Of Character threads for a roleplay looking to recruit new participants. Alternatively, post your original fiction in the In Character sub-forum and a corresponding thread in the Out Of Character sub-forum for commentary and feedback.

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