Welcome Inquisitor,

By entering these hallowed halls you are joining the largest and most active Inquisitor community on the internet. The Conclave has endured, in one form or another, since the game was released and is home to some of the game's most dedicated and fanatical players. Inside you will find places to discuss all aspects of the game including rules, background, modelling and battle reports.

To enable you to get the most out of your time here, you are advised to read the following orientation guide - it contains information about the various sub-forums and covers some of the idiosyncrasies that the Conclave has developed over it's long years.

+++ Getting Started on The Conclave +++

If you are also new to the Inquisitor game, then the following links will provide you with much of the basic information you need in order to get started.

+++ Everything you have been told is a lie: A Guide to Inquisitor +++
An Overview Of Inquisitor
Introducing The Conclave
Creating Characters
Designing Scenarios & Campaigns

Now that you have been properly oriented, I bid you to enter the inner sanctum where you will be formally greeted by your peers.

High-Savant Zarkov
Chief aide to the Head of the Carthaxian Conclave